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Strainer Element

Strainer Element

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Product Description:


  • Material: 40 mesh stainless steel
  • Includes: Sealing washer
  • See Notes below for required quantity for each model
  • When servicing the strainer, you now have a choice to replace the entire strainer or just replace the strainer element and sealing washer. It's the RPI Advantage!
  • Also available: Strainer (Water-1/8") (RPI Part #VPS003)

Fits: Water Control Assembly

Model(s) this part fits: CV-101, CV-101 FS, CV-101W, CV-102, CV-102 FS, CV-102W, MC-201, MC-201W, MC-202, VacStar 2, VacStar 4, VPL12T2, VPL2S1, VPL2S2, VPL2SS, VPL3S1, VPL3S2, VPL3SS, VPL4D2, VPL4S2, VPL6D2, VPL6T2, VPL8D2, VPL9T2, VPLG10D2, VPLG15T2, VPLG5S1, VPLG5S2, VPLG5SS


Regarding Quantities Required:

Air Techniques: AirStar 2 & AirStar 4 require one (1)

Dental EZ: CV-101, CV-101W, CV-101 FS, CV-102, CV-102W & CV-102 FS Require one (1); MC-201, MC-201W & MC-202 Require two (2)

Tech West: VPL2S1, VPL2S2, VPL2SS, VPL3S1, VPL3S2, VPL3SS, VPL4S2, VPL5S1, VPLG5S2 & VPLG5SS require one (1); VPL4D2, VPL6D2, VPL8D2, VPLG10D2 require two (2); VPL6T2, VPL9T2, VPL12T2, VPLG15T2 require three (3)