Making the Switch to Digital

by on 19/07/11 at 11:53 am

Do you remember going to the dentist and having to wait for over an hour before going into a bare walled room filled with tons of bulky equipment. The nurse would then say  “make yourself comfortable” which you would attempt to do by taking a seat in the large, stiff,  squeaky chair which was almost always leaned to the most uncomfortable vertical position. As if that wasn’t enough your dentist would then shove a blue tray filled with the most disgustful gel into your mouth and tell you to bite down as hard as you could. “We need to get a good picture so make sure your bitting down really hard,” they’d say. No wonder many people considered a trip to the dentist to be unfavorable.

Good news though dental offices have begun taking part in the many digital advancements the dental industry has to offer. Utilizing these advancements has proven to not only increase the amount of patients seen each day, but also positively boost the overall experience the patient has at the dental office.

Thanks to the rise in new more innovative digital technology things such as dental chairs, cameras, and even display monitors have gone digital making it easier for both patients and doctors.

But why should you switch to digital? Well according to an article written in The Journalism of American Dental Association (J.A.D.A.), Digital technologies have the potential to improve diagnosis; facilitate patient treatment procedures; and streamline storage, transfer and retrieval. These technologies also provide for secure backup of patients’ image data, critical to re-establishing the practice should fire, flood or earthquake occur.

So if you have not consider going digital now is the time to make the switch.

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