Convert to Digital for as low as $8,998

by on 18/07/13 at 4:18 pm

Want to convert your dental practice to digital but don’t want to spend BIG BUCKS doing it??? Why not utilize the latest in digital PSP scanners?

Kodak cr7400
The Kodak CR 7400 Digital Imaging Plate System has the ability to quickly process intra and extraoral images with one compact tabletop top unit.

Innovative friction-free process extends the life of the plates and reduces artifacts. Convenient light protection pouches help reduce image degradation.

Digital Imaging Plate System allows you to capture images on phosphor plates, digitize and then store them for easy access and sharing. And, because the workflow is similar to that of traditional film, you can make the transition to digital radiography with minimal disruption to your practice.

Get Total Flexibility
Simply replace the traditional film and cassette on your panoramic or cephalometric unit with our phosphor plates to capture high-quality extraoral radiographs – without a costly conversion. You can even use your existing intraoral X-ray system and positioners to capture crystal-clear intraoral images. Then, digitize both intra and extraoral images with one compact tabletop unit.

Minimize Learning Curve
The CR 7400 System has a workflow that’s similar to the one your office currently uses with traditional film. This means you and your staff don’t have to worry about learning new processes and procedures. The phosphor plates are even marked for easy placement and orientation, helping to streamline workflow.

Improve Patient Care
For enhanced patient comfort, the CR 7400 System has thin, flexible intraoral plates in sizes 0 to 4. Minimize patient wait time with a streamlined workflow and improve patient communication by sharing digital images.

The Kodak CR7400 is available to order for $8,998 via our secure shopping cart.

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