Video shorts: Improving your patient’s experience with CBCT imaging!

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We are constantly striving to assist you, the doctor, with ways to improve the application of new technology in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as provide a more accurate and professional service to your patients. With that in mind, I am pleased to offer these informative videos when you are considering the purchase of a 3D X-ray for your practice.


Creating a Panoramic Curve in 3D Imaging Software

How to Trace the Mandibular Nerve Canal

3D Imaging Software Overview

Using Markers – Dental implants and CBCT

3D imaging gives you a tremendous advantage to diagnose, plan, and place implants, and greatly improves patient education and case acceptance.  It is my hope that you will discover a new perspective on the advantages of 3D imaging.  If you are upgrading to 3D imaging or transitioning to digital let me be a resource to you.

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Brooks, University of Tennessee, Wesley Newsome and Stomatotech.

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Director of Digital Imaging
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