Get 2021 Prices Before the Year is Over!

Our End of Year Sale has much to offer.

Save on New and Certified Pre-Owned X-rays and Digital Imaging equipment. 
Sitewide Discounts on Operatory Equipment, Cabinets, Supplies and more.

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X-ray Equipment... Last Chance to Get 2021 Prices and Discounts

Provide the best care for every patient with dental X-ray instruments and accessories from Dental Planet. From digital panoramic X-rays and 3D imaging systems to portable X-ray machines, we have plenty of options for general practitioners, orthodontists and endodontists.

Every dental practice has unique needs when it comes to their services, budget and space. With plenty of X-ray equipment to choose from, you’re sure to find something that works for you and your patients.

We offer high-quality, reliable X-ray equipment from brands like Carestream, RayScan, Acteon, Gendex, Instrumentarium, Soredex, Owandy, Vatech and more.

Chairs & Operatory Equipment - Save thru December '21

We understand that keeping your patients comfortable is a priority for any dentist, orthodontist, or endodontist. We can help you Outfit your dental practice with comfortable patient chairs, durable operatory equipment and other essentials for dental units. 

Our selection of high-quality dental chairs and operatory packages comes from trusted manufacturers like Belmont, DentalEZ, Pelton & Crane and more. 

We have new equipment available at affordable prices, or you will save even more by choosing refurbished dental operatory equipment and accessories that have been restored to like-new condition. 

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Dental Cabinets, Carts and Other Furnishings

Create a stylish and efficient dental practice with cabinetry, carts and other furnishings from Dental Planet. Our selection of affordable cabinets includes a wide variety of styles, sizes and designs, including rear treatment consoles, sterilization centers and cabinet accessories.

find the best cabinetry to suit your office space while also creating a consistent style for your practice. Whether you need extra storage for all your dental supplies or dental carts that allow you to move essential tools from room to room, we’ve got you covered. 

Dental Supplies on Sale thru December

We offer many of the essential items needed in every dental practice. High-quality, affordable supplies from our vast selection of dental products are on sale now thru December 2021. 

Let us help you provide a number of dental services for your patients with supplies like anesthetics, bonding agents, crowns and composites. You'll find a huge selection of disposable supplies, including sponges, cotton rolls, syringe tips, drinking cups and tray covers. Get low prices on products from trusted brands when you shop at Dental Planet.

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