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The 411 on Dental Chairs

A Dental chair is an essential piece of equipment for any dental operatory. Without it, the major functioning component of the practice would be non existent. When a patient comes in for a visit to the dental clinic, they may spend anywhere from a few minutes to several hours in the dental chair.  Everything starting with the initial diagnosis to occasional extensive treatments involves this piece of equipment.  Dental chairs allow the dentist to position the patient in the right pose so that he or she can easily access and assess the patient’s mouth and teeth. The many amenities and customizable options that are now available when it comes to dental chairs helps give dentist the opportunity to select one that will fit their practice perfectly and lead to easier and more effective diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

With over 25 well known manufacturers on the market, the options and selections for dental chairs are vast. There are many features to consider when selecting the perfect one. Investing in the right piece of equipment now and knowing what characteristics to look for can help save dentists a lot of money in the future. Because dental chairs are used on a daily basis and must accommodate all sizes, shapes, and ages of patients- quality and functionality are two key components to consider. By selecting a dental chair that has an adjustable headrest, steadfast lumbar support, and a model that can be lowered and raised based on the size and shape of the both the dentist and the patient, a dentist can ensure a chair that will allow them to have easy access to each and every patient that they see.

For patients, being comfortable throughout a procedure can make the treatment and diagnosis process a lot more relaxing. For some individuals (particularly children), certain procedures can be quite frightening. However, having the right environment can make the time spent in an office a lot more serene.  A dental chair which is of high comfort can really help patients direct their thoughts into relaxing ones rather than being nervous about possible negative outcomes.

Patient dental chairs provide comfort for the patient as they receive care. The quality of a dental chair is just as important for the dentist as well. Because many dentists suffer from musculoskeletal problems due to having to contort themselves over the dental chair as they perform procedures, having an adjustable dental chair can help relax the dentist as they no longer are forced to exert themselves to treat patients.

When purchasing a dental chair, newer models are often alluring. However, there are many used and refurbished chairs that provide the same quality, comfort, and operability as brand new ones. Purchasing a high quality used dental chair can help save dentists a lot of money.  By familiarizing themselves with their new dental chairs and by maintaining and taking good care of them, dentists can utilize these essential pieces of equipment for many years to come.

At Dental Planet, we have many new and refurbished dental chairs to fit your each and every need. We offer high quality dental chairs at affordable prices and offer a 1 year warranty (or longer) on all of our models. Our custom upholstery options ensure that our exceptional dental chairs will match the look and feel of your practice. For more information, please visit our website today.