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Thinking Green: How to Make Your Practice More Eco-Friendly

In past years, deciding to become more environmentally conscious has been somewhat difficult to do. Between the popularity of disposable items and the wide selection of large vehicles including minivans and SUVs, choosing to be more eco-friendly has often been avoided by many individuals. Deciding to follow a new direction in one's home life or work environment can be both challenging and intimidating. However, there is good news. In recent times, more and more people are embracing and willingly deciding to join the up and coming "green" efforts.

As we learn the detrimental impacts certain products, lifestyles,  and objects can have on our environment, several people have to decided to create hope for a better tomorrow as well as prevent future global warming by embracing a new and greener way of life.

With the growing interest in these efforts, more resources are beginning to surface and become available. Several companies have even adopted "greener" ways conduct their business. Car companies are beginning to make cars which are more eco-friendly. Grocery stores are beginning to sway away from using plastic and paper bags as more and more consumers are opting for reusable ones. Windmills are beginning to sprout up throughout the country-sides and are even making their way into towns and cities as well. "Going green" is becoming an ever present new concept which is defining our lifetime.

It is no wonder why "going green" efforts are beginning to make their way into the dental community as well. Dentists are starting to set the bar high for each other as they adopt these new policies and principles. Dr. McMillan, DMD from Mint Dental Works stated "As the general public becomes more educated about the environment, there will be pressure in every industry to identify and reduce our environmental impacts." Because more individuals are adopting "green" practices in their daily lifestyles, more people are also seeking healthcare professionals who have the same interests and principles as well.

Although running a successful dental practice can be both time consuming and expensive, dentists can make changes now that will impact their financial future in positive ways. The misconception that "going green" is more expensive has actually been recently disproven by several key factors. Although there may be a few upfront and initial expenses, overtime,  sustainable practices often will experience an exceptionally high return on these "green" investments.

For dentists, a "green" practice can begin with the actual practice building itself. Several dentists are choosing to invest in operating a "green" building by using low volatile organic compound paints, laminates, adhesives, and even cabinetry designed with special environmental concerns in mind.  Several dentists are also striving to recycle as much construction waste as possible. By building a building with environmental concerns in mind, one can ensure having a working environment where clean air, high quality products, and a feeling of knowing you are helping the environment is ever present.

Dentists have numerous options of "going green" within their practice as well. Investing in light bulbs that are energy efficient can help the environment and cut costs down significantly over time as well. Energy star appliances are readily available as are energy efficient daily necessities such as hand sanitizers. In fact, several studies have found that a single energy efficient hand sanitizer can save a dentist over 360 paper towels and 90 gallons of water in a single day! Dentists can now even take advantage of the option to give their patients none-petroleum based lip balm and/or toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt cups.

There is also the option of purchasing "green" dental equipment as well. There are several products ranging from dental chairs, stools, vacuum systems, and even x-ray machines that can be bought completely refurbished. Refurbished equipment from the right company can mean high quality products for your practice, savings up to 50% for you, and waste reduction for the environment. With all of these benefits, it is no wonder why more dentists are turning to refurbished options when setting up or updating their practice.

The decision for a dentist to "go green" can be quite a monumental transition. Whether you are a fully established dentist with a successful practice or a dentist who is just beginning to set up a practice, there are many methods and resources which can help you to embark on this journey. It doesn't matter whether you are opening a new and completely green dental practice building or simply making small changes within your operatory. One factor remains; every effort to "go green" that you make will be undoubtedly be an  influential notion. Focusing on energy efficiency, the conservation of water, better air quality (both inside and outside of your practice), and the reduction of waste can truly help to positively impact the future.

By making a conscious decision to "go green" you can help create a community composed of individuals with similar values. You can help your environment, unite your community, and even help change the world over time. "Going green" is a wonderful opportunity for dentists to appeal to a population of people who are becoming more educated about the environment themselves. Thinking "green" can help dentists stay ahead of the curve, be influential leaders, and even inspire others to join "green" efforts.

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