Video shorts: Improving your patient’s experience with CBCT imaging!

We are constantly striving to assist you, the doctor, with ways to improve the application of new technology in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as provide a more accurate and professional service to your patients. With that in mind, I am pleased to offer these informative videos when you are considering the purchase of a 3D X-ray for your practice.  

Creating a Panoramic Curve in 3D Imaging Software

How to Trace the Mandibular Nerve Canal

3D Imaging Software Overview

Using Markers – Dental implants and CBCT

3D imaging gives you a tremendous advantage to diagnose, plan, and place implants, and greatly improves patient education and case acceptance.  It is my hope that you will discover a new perspective on the advantages of 3D imaging.  If you are upgrading to 3D imaging or transitioning to digital let me be a resource to you.

Thanks to Dr. Jeff Brooks, University of Tennessee, Wesley Newsome and Stomatotech.

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