Expensive Equipment or $1,700,000+ for Retirement?

by  Dr. Woody Oakes

Purchasing equipment can be both confusing and expensive. There are numerous choices and companies to choose from. Then, there are gadgets, upgrades and options that can easily raise a new office price to upwards of $80,000 per operatory. As I wrote in Buyer Beware, “one poor decision can drastically change your future.” Well then, the other side of that coin is– one GOOD decision can drastically change your future. Actually, it can save you over $1.5 million. More on this in a minute.

Let me tell you about a recent partnership of ours which I believe will successfully transition your equipment buying process into a money saving and stress-free experience while offering the best in choice and benefits. Whether you are expanding your office to improve services, building a new office or replacing equipment, our exclusive equipment partner will save you a substantial amount of money. I’ll explain further– DentalPlanet.com offers quality refurbished equipment as well as affordably priced new equipment with cost savings of up to 40% or more. You also save an additional 5% over all of their regularly advertised pricing as a Profitable Dentist subscriber. They sell direct through their team of equipment specialists thus saving you significantly. Their refurbishment process is extensive, ensuring the highest working standards today and in the years to come. Every piece of refurbished equipment they sell is backed by a full one-year warranty on parts.  They also provide delivery and installation to all 50 states, by their highly qualified team. Do you see the value here?

Building a new office or renovating/updating an existing office? DentalPlanet.com will be with you every step of the way. They offer new office floor space/design services and full construction drawings by professional architects, well-versed in dental design.  This is a must if you want to maximize your space to work efficiently and comply with plumbing, wiring and radiographic guidelines. These services are at no charge when offset by your equipment purchase.  But that’s not all–

They have a sister company. DuraPro offers custom cabinetry for all your operatory, sterilization, lab, or reception cabinets. The quality is second to none, and all are backed by a 5-year warranty. These savings can be in excess of over 50% compared to many major manufacturers. The 5% subscriber savings applies here too. Can you see why this partnership is a no-brainer? It’s about profits – It’s about “not how much you make, but how much you keep” –  It’s about a future retirement.

Ok, earlier I mentioned a previous article, Buyer Beware, and how one good decision could save you over $1,500,000. Let me tell you how this is possible. Just this week, DentalPlanet.com gave me an example of a comparison bid they did for a customer in the northeast. This customer was about to construct a new, 3-operatory office. They already had a bid of $235,000. DentalPlanet.com was able to bid all new cabinetry and new and refurbished equipment to the Dr for a total, installed price of $116,000.  So lets just say you take a $100,000 of that savings and invest it at 30 years at 10% interest. The Results?  $1,744,940 for your nest egg. So, the decision is yours, new, high end, expensive equipment with all the gadgets and bells and whistles, or a nice view of the Caribbean ocean from your Villa in The Caymans? I’ll take the View.