Innovative Strides from the Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S.

In our modern day society, the world of digital dentistry is ever changing and constantly being advanced. This results in not only better, more accurate, and more preventative care for patients, but more in depth and advanced diagnostic tools for dentists as well. The Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. is one innovation that is quickly becoming a key component of more and more opperatories each and every day. This scanner is sweeping across the nation and is allowing dentists to view impressions instantaneously in amazing detail. The impacts however, do not stop there.  The Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. promises to amplify the productivity of dental practices— all while turning an unpleasant procedure into a remarkable interactive experience.

Features: Revolutionary 3D-in-Motion technology- The Lava C.O.S. captures incredibly accurate 3D video images of tooth anatomy. The digital images that are produced are so precise that dentists and their lab can create PFM, gold or CAD/CAM restorations that 3M ESPE guarantees will fit.

Unprecedented Speed- While revolutionary 3D-in-Motion technology enables the Lava C.O.S. wand to continuously capture approximately 20 3D data sets per second—the equivalent of 24 million data points per arch.

Maneuverability- The Lava C.O.S. wand weighs just 14 ounces and the tip is just 13.2 millimeters wide for easy movement and clearance throughout the mouth.

Instantaneous Feedback- Real-time video images provide users with instantaneous feedback and the ability to assess preparation and tissue management in ways never before possible.

Loyalty and Referrals- The intuitive, user-friendly touch screen monitor allows immediate interactive experiences with your patients, enhancing customer loyalty and stimulating positive referrals.

Flexibility- The Lava C.O.S. is the entry point to both traditional (PFM) and sophisticated CAD/CAM restorations. This allows dentists to work directly with their existing lab to help grow that valuable relationship as well.

Confidence- Both dentists and labs have the same advanced tools to check the preparation and margin, including video review, 2D enhancement or 3D stereographic review. Labs can confidently mark the margin knowing they are seeing exactly the same images viewed by the dentist.

Decreased Seating Times- Seating times of single unit crowns decreased on average by 41% when compared to traditional dental impressions. It is easy to see how the Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S. is providing dentists with options for a productive and remarkable tool. These scanners can save dentists both time and money as well as help build a practice up overall.