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Joy Desensitizer

Joy Desensitizer

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Joy -Bond is an exciting new offering to dental offices. A classic 5th generation hydrophilic bond that's easy to use and incorporates a primer and bonding resin in one bottle. Joy -Bond requires no mixing, minimizes leakage and reduces secondary caries. Joy-Bond creates a very effective chemical bond between Dentin/Enamel and all restorative materials. This light curing one step adhesive is a true Joy to use.

  • 5th generation adhesive incorporates aspects of both a primer and a bonding resin in a single bottle.
  • Designed to bond composites and compomers to dentin and enamel as well as treated amalgam, metal and ceramic surfaces.
  • Single component, multi-use adhesive.
  • Suitable for use on moist dentin.