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Extraoral Suction Equipment choices have increased dramatically with the presence of COVID-19. The table below is a concise comparison of many popular Extraoral Suction Systems

Comparison notes: All Extraoral Suction units being compared have HEPA filtration in common. Units do vary in the number and types of filtration stages, motor power as it relates to suction and volume, and options for UV-C and/or Plasma sterilization.  The following chart data is a summary based on information provided by the manufacturer or distributor of each unit and is not based on third-party testing.  Blank cells indicate we were not able to find documentation for that particular specification.  See all Extraoral Suction Units.

Beyes Flight ACS Integrum3D Integrum3D TPC Vaniman Vector
Model DuraMax Defender II FX-FDC PAX2000 PAX2000X ProClean Vanguard Gold Vortex
Filter Stages 4 4 4 4 4 5
HEPA Filtration 99.97% 99.97% 99.95% 2x 99.97% 99.97% 99.95% 99.97% 99.97%
Carbon Filter Y Y Y Y
Y n
UV Sterilization 10W 8W Y Y Y Y n Y
Plasma Disinfection  n 5000v n Y n n
Control LCD LCD
 Keypress 10X On/Off On/Off On/Off
Speeds 10
10 Variable 3 Variable
Noise <= 55db 59db 30-62db

70db 53db 65db
Motor Power 350 watts 350 watts
350 watts
1000 watts
1600 watts
Volume (max) 7500 lpm 7080 lpm 7646 lpm

3000 lpm 2831 lpm 3000 lpm
Sucton 8.2 kPa 3.5 kPa

23 kPa
Remote     Y      

Cost $2,598 $1,998 $1,998 $2,498 $2,498 $1,489 $1,298 $2,598

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