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Flexaprene Green Chloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves


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Each carton contains 2,000 gloves - 10 boxes @ 200 per box


Wish you could remove the threat of latex allergies but keep the comfortable feel of latex? You just found that glove.

The new FLEXAPRENE* GREEN Exam Glove is an advanced chloroprene technology that gives you the feel and tactile sensitivity of latex without the risk of Type I allergic reactions to natural rubber latex proteins – and with the protection you'd expect from a synthetic.


• Tactile sensitivity comparable to latex

• Soft to the touch, yet powerful in grip

• Polymer coated for improved donning

• Not made with natural rubber latex

• Powder-free chloroprene technology

Product Specifications

Gauge Thickness Measurements MM MIL

Middle Finger: .09 3.5

Palm: .07 2.8

Cuff: .06 2.4

Average Length: 240mm (9.5")

Physical Properties

Before Aging

Tensile Strength: 16 MPa

Ultimate Elongation: 550%

After Aging

Tensile Strength: 17 MPa

Ultimate Elongation: 450%

Quality Standards

Exceeds current ASTM Standards for critical defects, tensile strength, and puncture resistance. Passes primary skin irritation testing in accordance with ISO 10993-10(2010). Manufactured in accordance with Quality System ISO 13485.