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Toppen OZ Wallmount Dental Ozone System

Toppen OZ Wallmount Dental Ozone System

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Aqueous Ozone On-Demand

The OZ Wall mount Dental Ozone system is a compact, plug and play environmentally and staff friendly system that delivers dissolved ozone for dental water line disinfection. The system is an environmentally friendly device allowing you to generate dissolved ozonated water on demand. Using a small amount of electricity, the system takes oxygen from the water and converts it to ozone where it is used to naturally disinfect without leaving chemical residues or nasty odors found with other chemical cleaners. The OZ Wall mount System uses a patented method to generate ozone so that no ozone gas can be lost to the atmosphere.
  • Provides superior disinfection over potentially harmful chemicals
  • Mitigates biofilm build up and destroys existing biofilm
  • Simple design allows easy installation
  • Can be used to pre-rinse patient's oral cavity
  • No harmful disinfection by-products formed
  • No reduction in dentin bonds
  • Better adhesion of resin to enamel
  • Reduces odors
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Provides superior surface disinfection
  • Hand bactericide without chemicals
  • Earth friendly
  • Aqueous Ozone On-Demand
Each OZ Wall-mount Ozone system can easily supply a four to five chair practice with enough ozone to fill all chair-side bottles for a year! Ozone has been proven effective on the following common bacteria found in dental unit water lines: