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Dental Planet carries a large selection of Anesthetics in gels, liquids, sprays, to make it easier to find we have separted them into three categories:

Cartridges by Septodent in a wide variety  like Septocaine, carbocaine, lignospan, lidocaine, zoracaine, maracaine, sandonest, oraverse, and vivacaine.

Needles  J Morita and Mydent Dental Needles at great prices.

Topicals:  There are to many to list but some by Vendor are: Septodent's Projel mint, Septodent Lidocaine ointment in Mint, Beutlich's Hurricane gel in Watermelon, wild cherry, and Pina Colada  in gels and liquids. Starter Kits with Leur Locks to dispense just the right amount, or Ferndale Topical creme that offers relief of Irritations.    Mydent's Defend gels in multiple flavors. AMD's fast acting and longer lasting  easy spread gel with Tetracaine to extend patient comfort.

Dental Planet also offers Gebrauer Fine Pinpoint Stream Spray, Fine Stream or Mist sprays skin refrigerants available in easy-to-spray brown bottles or aerosol cans. Spray Stretch and Pain Ease in aerosol cans. Hygenic Clinical Edge 5K kit  and biofreeze, Sultans Topex Metered sprays and replacement tips, or Sunstars Canker  X Sachets or bottles of Rincinol or sachets all at great low prices.