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Whip Mix - Anterior Determiner Incisal Pin

Whip Mix - Anterior Determiner Incisal Pin

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Product Description:

Anterior Determiner Incisal Pin

  • Detects occlusal interference of restorations while they are still on the articulator
  • Easy to use: when the pin locks into the slot, the restoration is the correct height

All incisal pins and tables are interchangeable between articluators. Insical pins can be raised and lowered on an arc, simulating the natural arc of closure. The combinations shown must be used together on the articulator.

P2T2 – Pin: Long Centric / Adjustable Foot

Table: Platform, step

P2T3 – Pin: Long Centric / Adjustable Foot

Table: Adjustable

P4T4 – Pin: Short Round with support or Short Round Black with support

Table: Custom Platform, flat

P6T6 – Pin: Tapered

Table: Adjustable

Dawson Fossa Guide Pin – Pin: Dawson Fossa Guide

Table: Custom Platform, flat (T4)

Used to simplify carving of occlusal fossae of lower posterior teeth. Ensures fossae wall angles are shallower than the incisal guidance.

Anterior Determiner – Pin: Anterior Determiner

Table: Custom Platform, flat (T4)

Shaped like an anterior tooth to allow for more precise fabrication of custom incisal guide tables.