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Dental Planet carries all the disposable products you will need in one spot for your Dental Practice, Doctors offices and clinics, at great low prices.

DRINKING CUPS: Dental Planet carries Medicoms Poly coated  4 oz paper cups, or Mydents Defend Disposable drinking cups.


TISSUES & TOWELS: Crosstex's Sani-Tab Chain-Free Towel, 3 Ply Paper with Poly back 19x 13 in Blue is the top selling item in this category.


HEADREST COVERS:  Mydents's Defend Headrest Covers in Tissue/Poly or Clear Plastic

MISC: Dental Planet carries all the supplies you will need for your practice all in one spot at great low prices. Medcoms Cotton Roll2 and MIC Saliva Control Dri-Aid are some of the top items in this category, but we also have cylindrical sponges, bitewing tabs, bib chains, Crosstex's Sparkle Spring tips, Keystone Air/water syringe tips, Pro Tip converters, Micro Brush Dri-aids, Mydents Defend Plus Patient towels, non woven sponges, and Air/water syringe tips. Richmonds tiltop Dispensers and gauze sponges.  Richmond cotton balls or pellets and braided cotton rolls.

TRAY COVERS: Dental Planet has you and your trays covered just choose your size and color.