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PDT Bone GraftingOsteotome with Stop, Concave 4 mm T868

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T868 4 mm Osteotome with stop, Concave Offset

Offset for anterior and posterior with safety

double stop screw to adjust the working depth

Dept Markings: 6-11-15 mm

Products made Handcrafted in America and Germany by mastercraftpeople

Harder & Stronger steel due to heat treatment and unique cryogenic processing

Instruments retain their sharpness longer due to the hardness of the steel

Instruments stand up to resharpening and lasts 2-7 times longer than our competitors

Bold, innovative instrument design develped with practicing clinicians based on their professional and patient needs

Blade size, angulation curvature, and balance give you and your patients the best experience possible

Ergonomic Handle designed alongside orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and dental professionals

Extended Knurling and handle shape provide a more comfortable grip with less hand fatigue and pinch force

Wide handle design reduces muscle fatigue