EPE - Equipment Performance Evaluation

Equipment  Performance Evaluations (EPE) are designed to ensure the safety of X-ray machines to patients, technicians and the general public. This is achieved by calibrating and certifying each x-ray machine to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. The state of Texas, along with most other states require periodic EPE certificates on each X-ray machine in use.

Equipment Performance Evaluations by Dental Planet include minor adjustments or repairs (not including parts) to bring units into compliance. If the unit cannot feasibly be brought into compliance and must be replaced, we credit the EPE charge towards the purchase of a replacement unit from Dental Planet. Our trained Technicians will perform, record and provide the EPE form to your office for submission to the relevant state authorities. We can also provide alternative solutions in the case a cone beam, panoramic, or intraoral x-ray fails an EPE test.

EPE PRICING for DFW / North Texas Area

  • Dental Pan-Ceph units : First unit = $225; $110 each additional unit on site

  • Dental Pan units: First unit = $180; $90 each additional unit on site

  • Periapical units: First unit = $140; $75 each additional unit on site

  • Handheld units:  First unit = $100; $70 each additional unit on site

Combining multiple units at a single site: Use first unit price for the top tier unit being tested. Use additional unit charge for all other equipment.

Pan Unit $180
Periapical / Wall mount #1 $75
Periapical / Wall mount #2 $75
Total $320

Travel outside of DFW area at $1.10 / mile (first 100 miles at no charge). Please contact your Dental Planet sales consultant for more details.

Download our Dental Equipment Preventative Maintenance checklist