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TorqTech 1:1 Straight Attachment

TorqTech 1:1 Straight Attachment

Product Information:

  • Model: 16-5352940
  • Manufactured by: J. Morita
  • OEM Number: 16-5352940
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Condition: New


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Product Description:

Designed with a new high-precision gear system, TorqTech offers reduced operational noise and excellent bur stability which makes large preparations quicker and easier. The chuck offers a strong grip on the bur and is also long lasting. A slim, ergonomic design reduces fatigue and provides exceptional access in the posterior region. TorqTech is compatible with standard ISO connections. Unit Includes: Spray Nozzle (1), Spray Hole Wire (1)
  • Compatible with air and electric motors
  • Slim and ergonomic design
  • Lightweight, reduces fatigue
  • Durable chuck
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Efficient spray filter
  • Maximum illumination