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Whip Mix Phosphate Investment - Formula 1 -10kg (4/2.5 kg) Package

Whip Mix Phosphate Investment - Formula 1 -10kg (4/2.5 kg) Package

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10kg (4/2.5 kg) Package

This high-performance, universal investment works equally well for all alloys and pressable ceramics. Its expansion range enables the technician to achieve optimal fit using the rapid or standard burnout technique. The robust bimodal nature of FORMULA 1 strengthens molds and promotes easier devesting when working on more fragile materials such as all-ceramic restorations. Using only a 15-minute benchset and 30-minute burnout, FORMULA 1 reduces processing time and increases lab productivity.


  • One investment for both crown and bridge alloys and pressable ceramics
  • Wide expansion range
  • Crack resistant
  • Fluid consistency promotes ease of investing and smooth surface
  • Advanced hybrid formula strengthens molds and devests easily
  • Rapid and standard burnout capabilities require no change in laboratory routines
  • More control and flexibility for the technician
  • 15-minute benchset reduces processing time
  • Extremely smooth and bubble free surface

Physical Properties

Liquid*/Powder Ratio
22 mL / 100 g
Working Time
6 - 8 minutes
Setting Expansion
Thermal Expansion
Compressive Strength, Wet
1.350 psi (9.2 MPa)
*Measured at 100% liquid concentration