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Whip Mix Pro Press SP Furnace

Whip Mix Pro Press SP Furnace

Product Information:

  • Model: 92025
  • Manufactured by: Whip Mix
  • OEM Number: 92025
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Condition: New


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Product Description:

The Whip Mix Pro Press SP Furnace offers a new level of true pressing control. A unique component monitors the flow of the glass and senses the movement of the ceramic into the ring in real time from start to finish. When the movement ceases (the mold is filled), the muffle heater is turned off, the vacuum is released, and the table is lowered as quickly as possible to drop the mold temperature below the vitreous point of the ceramic. This faster press not only saves time, but minimizes - and in many cases prevents - the formation of the reaction layer, so often seen with other press systems.

Another great feature of the Pro Press SP Furnace is its ability to successfully press split (cracked) molds. When the operator discovers a crack they can select a reduced pressure pressing, which will add a few seconds to the sense press time, but increase the likelihood of a complete press without finning or slitting the mold.

  • Includes Master Suite™ software
  • Pre-programmed with crystallization parameters for Emax Cad™ (Blue Block)
  • Accommodates 100 and 200 gram rings
  • Patented Quick-Cool Jet on all Pro Series furnaces
  • 200 open programs for pressing or veneering porcelains
  • Enables successful pressing of more units per ring
  • Presses faster than conventional pressing furnaces
  • Minimizes the reaction layer
  • Allows split molds to be pressed successfully