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TPC Lucent Ceiling Mount Light (110V)

TPC Lucent Ceiling Mount Light (110V) 179 Eligible
NewOne Year Warranty

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Product Information:

  • Model: L900
  • Manufactured by: TPC
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Condition: New

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Product Description:


  • The contoured handles are conveniently located for operator positioning and asepsis protection
  • The bulb is easily removed for replacement
  • The dichroic-coated reflector filters out the infrared rays and disipates heat allowing only cool, white light to illuminate oral cavity
  • The two-way intensity switch allows for correct oral cavity illumination an a reduction in eye fatigue
  • Optional: motion sensor
  • One Year Warranty


Input Voltage: 110V, 60/50Hz
Output Voltage: 12V High, 10.5V Low
Power Output: 55W High, 50W Low
Bulb Type: Tungsten Halogen Typ 12V-55W
Light Output: 29,000 Lux High, 17,000 Lux Low
Color Temperature: 45,000 Kelvin
Focal Distance: 28"
Light Pattern: 3.6" x 7.1" @ 28"