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Exaro Handheld Portable X-Ray

NewOne Year Warranty

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Product Information:

  • Model: xray2go
  • Manufactured by: Hiossen
  • OEM Number: xray2go
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Condition: New


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Product Description:

X-Ray 2 Go Advantages

At only 4.2 pounds, the EXARO portable x-ray, is considered to be the lightest x-ray generator on the market. Many design features are included with an LCD Display, and High Frequency Tube, a perfect balance of technology and simplicity. There is no doubt that the EXARO is the best, handheld and portable x-ray, available.

Can not be sold in Oregon, Missouri, North Carolina, and Los Angeles County in California


  • Only 4.2 lbs total weight.
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Microcomputer with specialized circuitry for precise exposure
  • Internal Shielding to protect the operator from radiation
  • Lead lined Short and long Cones included
  • Remote Exposure Switch included
  • Battery, Charger and Case Included
  • Adjustable Exposure time settings ranging from 0.01 sec - 1.6 sec
  • Preprogrammed buttons for fast anatomical selection
  • For use with both Film and Digital and Phosphor Plate Radiography


  • Tube voltage: 60kV (Fixed)
  • Tube current: 2mA (Fixed)
  • High voltage generating circuit: High frequency inverter
  • X-ray control method: Controlled by the micro processor
  • Time setting range: 0.01~1.6 second (0.01 sec step)
  • Type: Stationary anode x-ray tube
  • X-ray tube model: D-081B (Toshiba)
  • X-ray tube focal size: 0.8 mm )
  • Target angle: 20°
For more information please check out the Exaro Brochure.