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3D Dental Floss Refills

3D Dental Floss Refills

Product Information:

  • Model: PR125
  • Manufactured by: 3D Dental
  • OEM Number: PR125, PR130, PR120
  • Warranty: Three Months
  • Condition: New

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Product Description:

3D's Dental Floss comes both waxed and unwaxed. Made from nylon with a wax coating that lets the floss easily slip between your teeth,

3D Dental's floss is sold as both individual dispensers as well as 200-yard refills

  • High quality, economical option available in a variety of dispensing options.


Part Number Floss

#PR125 Waxed

#PR130 Unwaxed

#PR120 Waxed, Mint Flavor