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Drain Valve Apollo/Midmark

Drain Valve Apollo/Midmark

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Drain Valve for Apollo/Midmark Compressors


  • Tee handle
  • Material: Brass body/Steel Handle
  • Size: 1/8" MPT
  • Includes: 3 ft. of Tubing (5/16" ID CLR PVC) (RPI Part #RPT849)
Model(s) This Part Fits: ACL2S1, ACL2S1ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL2S2, ACL2S2ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL4D2, ACL4D2ND (2005 and Earlier), ACL6T2, ACL6T2ND (2005 and Earlier), ALCQL82, ALCQL82D, ALCRL62, ALCRL62D, ALCSL11, ALCSL11D, ALCSL12, ALCSL12D, ALCSL21, ALCSL21D, ALCSL22, ALCSL22D, ALCTL31, ALCTL31D, ALCTL32, ALCTL32D, ALCTL41, ALCTL41D, ALCTL42, ALCTL42D, AMD-100, AMD-100-2, AMD-100-3, AMD-101, AMD-2, AMD-2-115, AMD-4, AMD-6, CL21, CL22, CL32, CL52