Get a dental lathe that will provide you with reliable, efficient and precise grinding and polishing when you choose from this collection of Baldor products. At Dental Planet, we’re thrilled to offer such a great selection of Baldor dental lathes and accessories, particularly since this brand is so highly respected within the dental profession. The company is known for its attention to detail and its commitment to producing high-quality, durable and long-lasting products. Learn more about Baldor lathes and check out our full selection of accessories available online.

Baldor Lathe Features

A lathe is considered one of the most essential pieces of dental laboratory equipment. It performs important tasks to help put the finishing touches on everything from models and substructures to crowns and other dental restorations as a critical tool to making these dental products. Baldor polishing lathes are considered to be some of the finest in the dental industry. They’re available in a range of power and speed options to suit any lab’s specific needs. You’ll also find models with advanced features, such as a Baldor dental lathe with quick chuck change capabilities. Most of these devices also come with a warranty to back up your investment in such an important piece of equipment.

Dental Lathe Accessories

As with any dental lathe, Baldor machines will eventually require maintenance. The vibration that come with polishing and grinding naturally lead to wear and tear on parts, though the device itself is still in good working condition. To make sure you keep getting high-quality results from your lathe, Dental Planet offers a variety of Baldor lathe spindle accessories and Baldor dental motor accessories. Browse through this collection to find the parts and accessories you need to keep your Baldor lathe running smoothly.

L3 Brass Hard Wheel by Baldor
92.00 92.00 92.0 USD
BALDOR L4 Brass Soft Wheel
111.00 111.00 111.0 USD
L7 Brass Burr Chuck by Baldor
208.00 208.00 208.0 USD
R1 Brass Hard Wheel by Baldor
96.00 96.00 96.0 USD
R2 Brass Soft Wheel by Baldor
47.00 47.00 47.0 USD
R5A Brass Burr Chuck by Baldor
158.00 158.00 158.0 USD
Baldor R6 Brass Arbor Band
53.00 53.00 53.0 USD
Baldor Model 340 Lathe (1/4 hp)
554.00 554.00 554.0 USD
Baldor 380T Dual Speed Lathe (1/3 HP)
748.00 748.00 748.0 USD
Baldor Model 342 Lathe (1/4 hp)
484.00 484.00 484.0 USD
Baldor Model 353T Lathe (1/4 hp)
528.00 528.00 528.0 USD
Baldor Model 359T Lathe (1/2 hp)
528.00 528.00 528.0 USD
Baldor Model 380WCT Lathe (1/3 hp)
1,457.00 1,457.00 1457.0 USD
Baldor Model LPL50 Lathe (1/2 hp)
514.00 514.00 514.0 USD
Baldor Model LPL75 Lathe (3/4 hp)
628.00 628.00 628.0 USD