Dispomed Veterinary Equipment

At Dispomed we are proud to design and manufacture quality veterinary equipment and supplies, such as Moduflex™ anesthesia machines, Highdent™ dental units, and Vet-tables range of products. With its reputation of high-quality products, Dispomed is proud to offer a 5-year warranty on the Moduflex™, Highdent™, and Vet-tables brands. Dispomed’s products are used in over 35 countries around the world.

Dispomed HIGHDENT Intro Veterinary Dental Unit
Starting At:
4,998.00 4,998.00 4998.0 USD
Dispomed HIGHDENT Trio Plus Veterinary Dental Unit
Starting At:
6,698.00 6,698.00 6698.0 USD
Dispomed HIGHDENT Quattro Plus Veterinary Dental Unit
Starting At:
8,098.00 8,098.00 8098.0 USD
Dispomed Scissor Base Exam & Surgery Table
Starting At:
3,198.00 3,198.00 3198.0 USD
Dispomed Veterinary Scissor Base Dental Table
Starting At:
4,098.00 4,098.00 4098.0 USD