HealthCare International

Choose DuraPro Health for the best selection and lowest prices on HealthCare International's collection of high-quality fitness equipment.  Choose HCI Equipment for fitness, rehabilitation, physical  therapy and active aging. These products feature heavy construction and unique designs which make them a perfect choice for either a clinic or home setting.

HCI PhysioTable Adjustable UBE Table
584.00 584.00 584.0 USD
HCI Motorized Adjustable UBE Table
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD
HCI eTrainer Passive Assist Motorized Trainer
1,598.00 1,598.00 1598.0 USD
HCI PhysioTrainer Bi-Directional UBE
838.00 838.00 838.0 USD
HCI PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill
6,098.00 6,098.00 6098.0 USD
HCI PhysioTrainer PRO
2,098.00 2,098.00 2098.0 USD