Inflight Fitness

Inflight Fitness exercise equipment is sturdy durable, and designed for both upper and lower body workouts. All weight equipment is fitted with black vinyl covered HR molded cushions. Weight plates and equipment can be adjusted to match the desired weight and position for your workout. Inflight equipment is simple and easy to use. Finding equipment from DuraPro Health is simple and easy as well, and you will always find the lowest prices.

Inflight Fitness, Multi-Fly/Delt, Full Shrouds
3,398.00 3,398.00 3398.0 USD
Inflight Fitness, Multi-Ab/Back, Rear Shrouds
3,098.00 3,098.00 3098.0 USD
Inflight Fitness, Multi-Hip/Glute, Rear Shrouds
3,598.00 3,598.00 3598.0 USD
Inflight Fitness, Cable Column, Full Shrouds
3,198.00 3,198.00 3198.0 USD
Inflight Fitness, Flat Bench
398.00 398.00 398.0 USD
Inflight Fitness, Utility Bench
468.00 468.00 468.0 USD