Integral Systems

Since 1968 Integral Systems has manufactured the highest quality precision laboratory products for the Dental Industry. They produce scalable solutions for today’s dental lab that outlast the competition. Their secret is simple: engineer straight-forward component designs using quality materials. Their functional designs allows for easy in-lab maintenance and repair allowing you to focus on your lab not your equipment. Dental Planet sells both new and refurbished Integral equipment.
Integral Systems Abrasive Blaster - X-blast! Dual Tank
745.00 700.30 700.3000000000001 USD
Integral Systems Precision Router
598.00 562.12 562.12 USD
Integral Engineered for Abrasive Blasters
649.00 610.06 610.0600000000001 USD
Integral Industrial Standard - v808 Series
599.00 563.06 563.0600000000001 USD
Integral Hi Flow - v86 Series
825.00 775.50 775.5 USD