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Since its inception in 1916 MORITA has steadily grown in its core business as a specialist in dental health care, responding to the changing health care needs of our society. The MORITA Group collects and shares the most advanced technological information available to direct efforts in the development, manufacture and distribution of hardware and software useful for dental health care. Dental Planet sells both new and refurbished MORITA equipment.
Morita 4-Hole LED Coupling w/Light (6 Pin)
318.00 295.74 295.74 USD
Morita 4-Hole Coupling w/Light (6 Pin)
248.00 248.00 248.0 USD
Morita 4-Hole Coupling w/Light (5 Hole)
248.00 230.64 230.64000000000001 USD
TorqTech 1:1 Contra Angle Attachment
848.00 848.00 848.0 USD
TorqTech 1:1 Straight Attachment
614.00 614.00 614.0 USD
TorqTech 1:5 Speed-up Contra Angle Attachment
1,298.00 1,298.00 1298.0 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraM Handpieces
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine UltraE Handpieces
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine 45° Head Handpieces
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Morita TwinPower Turbine Basic Handpiece
548.00 509.64 509.64 USD
J.Morita Twin Power Turbine High Speed Handpiece
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD