Choose from some of the most trusted dental equipment in the industry when you shop for Marus dental chairs at Dental Planet. This company makes high-quality dental chairs that come at a more affordable price tag than some other dental equipment brands which are more widely known. With a chair from the Marus dental company, you get the features, durability and convenience you want without having to stretch your budget quite as far. Find out if a Marus chair or operatory package might be the right fit for your practice by checking out this collection of dental equipment.

Marus Dental Chair Features

Marus chairs are known for their ergonomic seating and high-quality, smooth finishes. High-quality coverings are both easy to clean and very comfortable for the patient. The chairs can be effortlessly adjusted using convenient touchpad controls or foot controls. Seamless movement and versatile positioning options create a relaxed setting for patients and make it easier dental assistants and dentists to complete exams and procedures. These dental chairs also have the advantage of a slimmer profile, which gives them a more modern, updated look while also maximizing the available space in an exam room or operatory. 

Save on Refurbished Dental Chairs

Marus dental chairs are already considered to be an affordable alternative some of the popular dental brands on the market. However, you’ll be able to save even more on this dental equipment when you choose one of our refurbished options at Dental Planet. With a savings of 40 to 60%, Marus refurbished dental chairs and operatory packages offer a significant cushion for your budget without settling for an inferior product. Choose from these Marus chairs to get an affordable and reliable piece of equipment for your dental practice. 

Marus Maxstar Operatory Package
7,598.00 7,598.00 7598.0 USD
Marus Maxstar Radius Operatory Package
6,298.00 6,298.00 6298.0 USD
Marus Maxstar Patient Chair
3,098.00 3,098.00 3098.0 USD