Medegen Medical Products, LLC

Medegen Medical Products, an Inteplast Group company, is a leading manufacturer and sales provider of patient-care and medical products for acute care and alternate care facilities. Medegen is the largest provider of patient products in the marketplace, with US-based manufacturing plants in Tennessee and West Virginia, and offers strong international sourcing and product bundling capabilities as part of Inteplast Healthcare.


Medegen Chemotherapy Spill Kit
308.00 308.00 308.0 USD
Medegen Biohazard Spill Kit - 4/cs
59.00 59.00 59.0 USD
Medegen Universal Precaution Kit - 24/cs
394.00 394.00 394.0 USD
Medegen Ez Cleans Kits - 24/cs
188.00 188.00 188.0 USD
Medegen Chemotherapy Spill Kit - 12/cs
338.00 338.00 338.0 USD
Medegen Formaldehyde Clean-Up Kits
234.00 234.00 234.0 USD
Medegen Universal Precaution Kit
158.00 158.00 158.0 USD