MediPosture is a premier provider of patient comfort products. Offering a large selection dental headrests, backrests and knee lift cushions designed to allow patients better fit and more comfort in the treatment chair. MediPosture also provides a complete Dental Chair Overlay System. Dental Planet is proud to offer MediPosture Patient Comfort Products.
MediPosture Kiddie Memory Headrest
44.99 44.99 44.99 USD
MediPosture Knee Lift
84.99 84.99 84.99 USD
MediPosture Memory Overlay Pad
299.99 299.99 299.99 USD
MediPosture Child Booster Seat
139.99 139.99 139.99 USD
MediPosture Knee to Knee Exam Cradle
299.00 299.00 299.0 USD
MediPosture 4" ICORE Memory Headrest
74.99 74.99 74.99 USD
MediPosture ICORE Memory Backrest
79.99 79.99 79.99 USD