Metrex Research Corporation

Infection Prevention’s Circle of Care™ is made up of seven critical touch points. These touch points represent the most critical areas in the healthcare environment in preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Metrex offers a system of solutions designed to address cross-contamination across the entire healthcare facility. Our goal is to help facilities drive down HAIs through proper product use and education on infection prevention best practices.
Metrex Metricide® Opa Plus, 100/bt
158.00 150.10 150.1 USD
Metrex Vionexus™ No Touch Dispenser
114.00 108.30 108.3 USD
Metrex Vionexus™ Tray
13.40 12.73 12.73 USD
Metrex Vionexus™ Manual Dispenser
268.00 254.60 254.6 USD
Metrex Vionexus™ Tray
8.40 7.98 7.98 USD
Metrex Quart Dispensing Pump
2.40 2.28 2.2800000000000002 USD
Metrex Gallon Dispensing Pump
5.20 4.94 4.94 USD
Metrex Metriguard™ MetriGuard 32 oz Spray
118.00 112.10 112.10000000000001 USD