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Owandy is a leading dental imaging manufacturer in Europe and are motivated to provide continuous quality and service. Owandy is proud to announce its ISO 9001 certification.
Owandy I-MAX Wall Mounted Panoramic X-ray System
19,198.00 17,854.14 17854.14 USD
Owandy I-Max 3D Wall Mount
53,798.00 50,032.14 50032.14 USD
Owandy I-MAX Touch 3D Cone Beam and Panoramic X Ray
63,830.77 59,362.62 59362.62 USD
Owandy I-MAX Touch Digital Panoramic X-Ray System
24,598.00 22,876.14 22876.14 USD
Owandy Opteo Intra Oral X-ray Sensor
3,198.00 2,974.14 2974.14 USD
Owandy-RX Intraoral X-ray system
3,498.00 3,253.14 3253.14 USD
OwandyCam USB Intraoral Camera
908.00 844.44 844.44 USD