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Ram Products

RAM PRODUCTS INC has provided a wide variety of micromotors offering superior service and excellence for over 30 years. RAM PRODUCTS INC has been the leader for electric laboratory handpieces servicing dental laboratories, dentists, hobbyists, jewelers, craftsman, industrial work, podiatrists, and many more. Their partnership with Saeshin Precision in Korea has given new direction with X-Cube and Traus Implant motor systems and angles, E-cube for endodontics and a range of slow speed and surgical angles. Saeshin is focused to bring the best quality operatory handpieces to the market.
Ram Straight Nose Cone Angle
104.00 98.80 98.8 USD
Ram Angle Lever Type Complete
298.00 298.00 298.0 USD
Ram Angle Push Button Complete
298.00 298.00 298.0 USD
Ram Lever Type Angle Complete
298.00 298.00 298.0 USD
Ram Push Button Angle Complete
298.00 298.00 298.0 USD
Wax Heater
70.00 66.50 66.5 USD
Ram Products 4" Lab Vibrator
65.00 61.75 61.75 USD
Ram Products Large Lab Vibrator
108.00 102.60 102.60000000000001 USD
MicroLab 350 Hand Engine
274.00 274.00 274.0 USD
Ram "E" Type Motor Only with Ventilation
124.00 124.00 124.0 USD
Ram Deluxe Lab Handpiece (U-Power UG33)
538.00 511.10 511.1 USD
Ram Economy 35,000 RPM Handpiece Only
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD
Ram Economy 45,000 RPM Handpiece Only
144.00 136.80 136.8 USD