Tech West

Discover high-quality dental compressors and vacuum systems at affordable prices when you shop for Tech West products at Dental Planet. Tech West is one of the most popular brands for today’s dentists due to the reliable performance and durability of their equipment. Our selection of products from this trusted manufacturer are priced competitively to ensure you can get the dental equipment you need without going over your budget. With the impressive quality and longevity of Tech West dental compressors and vacuum systems in your practice, you’ll be able to better serve your patients day in and day out. Learn more about our lineup of Tech West products to find the right fit for your needs as a dental care provider.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Equipment

Tech West dental compressors and vacuum systems offer an easy and affordable way to bring new advances and upgrades to your dental practice. If you’re working with older equipment, you may be providing less efficient care for your patients than you’d like to. Many older compressors are limited in how many patients can be served by them at once, and poor vacuum suction can lead to potential issues with dental procedures and treatments. 

Because Tech West compressors and Tech West dental vacuum systems feature the latest innovations in the dental industry, you’ll get reliably superior performance. Choose the right size to handle your current and future patient load. It’s the smart thing to do for a growing practice that is ready to upgrade to better and more efficient dental equipment.

New and Refurbished Equipment

With our affordable prices, top-quality products from Tech West are more accessible than ever. Shop now to discover well-built, affordable dental vacuum systems and dental air compressors in this collection. With great prices on new and refurbished equipment from top brands like Tech West, 3D Dental, A-dec, BelMed and more, you can count on Dental Planet for all your dental equipment and part needs. Shop our full collection of products and check out the latest promotions to save money on quality equipment.

Tech West Rocky Series Compressor 3 Users
5,698.00 5,698.00 5698.0 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Single (2-3 User System)
10,098.00 10,098.00 10098.0 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Dual (4-6 User System)
18,698.00 18,698.00 18698.0 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Single (5-7 User System)
11,298.00 11,298.00 11298.0 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Dual (10-14 User System)
21,298.00 21,298.00 21298.0 USD
Tech West Boost Transformer
474.00 474.00 474.0 USD