Dental Stools

Stay comfortable throughout any exam or procedure with dental doctor stools and assistant stools from Dental Planet. We offer the best dental stool selection online, including both new and quality refurbished options from some of the top brands in the industry. These dental chairs are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic positioning with cushioned seats, adjustable height and a wheeled base for easy maneuvering. In addition, our collection includes a number of stool parts that can be used for affordable and easy repairs. Find the right seating for every member of your dental practice staff when you shop online at Dental Planet.

Dental Doctor Stools vs. Assistant Stools

There are a number of reasons to include both dental doctor chairs and dental assistant chairs in your collection of office equipment. These two types of stools typically feature some key differences to accommodate different members of your staff. For dental assistant stools, the adjustable height of the chair is typically a bit higher (around 22” to 30” high). In addition, an arm rest may be included to provide added support during cleanings or other procedures. For dental doctor stools, the adjustable seat is often positioned a bit lower (around 19” to 24” high) in order to get closer to the patient for detailed work. Many of these chairs also feature an armless design to allow for more range of motion.

Top Dental Stool Brands

When you purchase your dental stools from our website, you can be confident that you’re getting a high-quality, durable chair that’s made with both comfort and efficiency in mind. Our collection includes excellent options from some of the best dental brands, including Galaxy, Crown and A-dec dental stools. Find affordable new and used dental equipment for your practice by shopping online at Dental Planet today.


virtù® C120 Mesh Operator Stool
968.00 968.00 968.0 USD
Westar Ultra Doctor's Stool
604.00 604.00 604.0 USD
Westar Ultra Assistant's Stool
804.00 804.00 804.0 USD
Telluride C50ABT Assistant Stool (CHOOSE COLOR)
1,198.00 1,198.00 1198.0 USD
TPC Mirage Doctor's Operatory Stool
378.00 378.00 378.0 USD
TPC Mirage Dental Assistant's Stool
494.00 494.00 494.0 USD
Summit Dental - Standard Doctor's Stool
408.00 408.00 408.0 USD
Summit Dental - Standard Assistant Stool
508.00 508.00 508.0 USD
Summit Dental - Deluxe Doctor's Stool
508.00 508.00 508.0 USD
Summit Dental - Deluxe Assistant Stool
594.00 594.00 594.0 USD
Sterling C85SD Swedish Operator Stool
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD
Sterling C85SA Swedish Assistant Stool
1,298.00 1,298.00 1298.0 USD
Steamboat C60D Operator Stool
1,198.00 1,198.00 1198.0 USD
Steamboat C60ABT Assistant Stool
1,498.00 1,498.00 1498.0 USD
Safari Ergonomic Doctor's Stool
594.00 594.00 594.0 USD
Safari Assistant's Stool
894.00 894.00 894.0 USD
Operator Stool - Round Seat - No Back
768.00 768.00 768.0 USD
Operator Stool - Round Seat
2,098.00 2,098.00 2098.0 USD