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DuraPro Excel Dental Cabinets are our top tier complete with premium features including steel base construction, and can be customized to meet your needs.

DuraPro Dispensing Cabinet Unit 24" Wide
478.00 478.00 478.0 USD
DuraPro Dispensing Cabinet Unit 30" Wide
608.00 608.00 608.0 USD
DuraPro Side Cabinet Unit
2,798.00 2,798.00 2798.0 USD
DuraPro Rear Treatment Console
3,598.00 3,598.00 3598.0 USD
DuraPro Assistant's Side Cabinet
4,398.00 4,398.00 4398.0 USD
DuraPro Rear Support Console
5,598.00 5,598.00 5598.0 USD
DuraPro Center Island Unit
7,898.00 7,898.00 7898.0 USD
DuraPro Sterilization Center
11,198.00 11,198.00 11198.0 USD