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Dental Planet carries SDI  GO single Dose kits- a single componet light cured self-etching, fluoride releasing dentin and enamel bonding system.  As well as SDI's Riva Bond L.C. Liquids, Powders and capsule kits.  Riva Bond L.C. is a light cured Adhesive for direct restoration, it also helps minimize the shrinkage stress caused by composite restoratives.

Dental Planet also offers SDI's Stae Refills and Single Dose kits.  Stae is a fluoride releasing single component dentin/enamel total etch adhesive system, designed for direct bonding.  Stae combine both primer and Adhesive in one bottle to simplify the technique and decrease patient chair time.

SDI Stae Single Dose Kit
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD
SDI Stae Refill, 5mL Bottle
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD
SDI Riva Bond LC Powder/Liquid Kit
264.00 264.00 264.0 USD
SDI Go! Single Dose Kit
144.00 144.00 144.0 USD