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Dental Planet offers many Desensitizers.  The top selling Advantage Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer which is approved by the FDA as a cidal agent and approved for placement in the dentin bond zone.

Beutlich Hurriseal Dentin Desensitizer Swab-n-Go Swabs, is a one step, soft tissue friendly chairside solution to sensitivity.

Mydent's Defend Desensitizer is a superior Desensitizing agent which can be placed under dental cements or temporary, Provisional or final restorative materials to reduce the post-operative sensitivity.

SDI's Soothe Syringes (Also in Bulk Kits) a sustained release gel, relieves tooth sensitivity caused by chemical and thermal changes.  Unlike other desensitizers, Soothe will not interfere with the whitening process.

Mydent Defend Desensitizer, 10 mL bottle. Each
28.40 28.40 28.400000000000002 USD