Dental Planet has great prices on Burs by PacDent, many economical multi-packs as well.  A wide selection of burs available in numerous shapes for all your specific uses.  Dental Planet has burs made from durable Carbide material, Diamond and Zirconia.

Dental Planet has available a wide selection of Trimming and Finishing Burs, Crown Cutting Burs and Endo Burs. Dental Planet gives you the quality, you and your patient deserve. Giving you the fit you want with long or short Shanks, Left and right, Fine Crosscut and Kriss Kross Burs. In addition to the bur accessories, you will need like bur blocks (many are magnetized), cleaning brushes.


Pac Dent Cleaning Brush
328.00 328.00 328.0 USD
Pac Dent HP Carbide Burs 100 pk
158.00 158.00 158.0 USD
Pac Dent FG Carbide Burs FG-100 PACK
128.00 128.00 128.0 USD
Pac Dent Dome FG Carbide Burs 100 pac
128.00 128.00 128.0 USD
3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs, 100 pks
105.00 105.00 105.0 USD
3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs RA, 100 ct
104.00 104.00 104.0 USD