Dental burs are some of the most essential tools in any practice, which is why we offer such a great selection of options at Dental Planet. We make shopping for dental burs easy by including a wide variety of products from trusted manufacturers, all of which are priced competitively. You’ll be able to stock up on the burs you need to complete dental procedures accurately and efficiently. Provide the best results for each patient by choosing from these dental burs online.

Types of Dental Burs and Uses

Dental burs are available in a variety of different materials. Two of the most common are carbide burs and diamond burs. Carbide burs can be used to shape bone and are often used when prepping for or removing cavities. These burs are especially useful when you need to leave a perfectly smooth surface. Diamond burs are even more durable than carbide, so they’re often used to cut through harder materials like porcelain with extreme precision. A number of burs can also be used for finishing and polishing surfaces, such as steel burs. Because burs are used for different applications, most dental care providers keep a variety of different types of burs on hand to accommodate individual patient needs.

Buy Dental Burs Online

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3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs RA, 100 ct
104.00 104.00 104.0 USD
3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs, 10 pks
11.80 11.80 11.8 USD
3D Dental Sabur Carbide Burs, 100 pks
105.00 105.00 105.0 USD
3D Dental Sabur Diamond Burs, 10 ct
35.00 35.00 35.0 USD