Composite resins have become the most widely accepted material of choice by dentist and most requested by patients. Due to that fact alone Dental Planet  carries a wide range of products to meet each need.  Septodents N'Durance Dimer Flowables syringes  and tips is our number one seller, but we also carry their Image Brush tips and syringe kits and Image Microhybrids.

Dental Planet also offers SDI's Rok  another light cured hybrid composite, and SDI's Shade and Tint. As well as SDI's ICE and Glacier line that are high Viscosity, for both anterior and posterior restorations.  SDI's Aura and Aura eASY sets multipurpose, refill kits and Master Intro kits are innovative in saving time by layering product. SDI's Wave disposable tips for syringes HV & MV are also light cured, hybrids with strenght, but also highly polishable.

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