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Dental Planet carries the tools for root canals and treatments, at great low prices


SMALL ENDO EQUIPMENT:  Dental Planet carries  J. Morita's Probe Cord-Root ZX mini, Contary Electrode, Hile holder, Tester-Root. As well as Pac-Dent's Wireless Endo Motor/Apex Locator that automatically calibrates ensuring accuracy and adjustable RMP between 100 and 650

Pac-Dent Wireless Endo Motor/Apex Locator
1,098.00 1,098.00 1098.0 USD
J. Morita Probe Cord-Original Root ZX
51.00 47.43 47.43 USD
J. Morita Function Tester-Root ZX II
17.80 16.55 16.55 USD
J. Morita File Holder, 5/pk
148.00 137.64 137.64000000000001 USD
3D Gutta Percha Trimmer, 110V
198.00 198.00 198.0 USD