Impression Products

Dental Planet has the best selection of Dental Impression products, at low prices.

EQUIPMENT:  J.Morita's Perfectim Cartridges Dispensing Gun, Nanova Carpule Dispenser Gun.  Saeshin Labmusa Digital Wax dipping unit, wax heater. Sultan's 2 slot dispenser gun rack. Zhermack Alghamix II Automated Mixer Kit, Mixing Disk or Plaster Bowl

MATERIALS:  Our Top seller in this category is Zhermacks Hydogum 5 Alginate Canister refill, but we also have Zhermacks orthoprint Alginate Canister refill in yellow, or Tropicalign Color change Alginate Canister with storage container and measuring set.J. Morita's Perfectim 30, 90 second Cartridge kits, and single-phase body cartridge kits. Septodont's normal or quick set Alginate. 

MATERIALS BITE REGISTRATION: Mydent's bite-hard, fast, regular or superfast sets. Mydent's Clear bite Cartridges or Zhermack color bites and mixing tips

MATERIALS SILICONE Hydrophilic:  Zhermack's Indurent Gel Catalyst for Putty or Platinum 85 A-silicone Laboratory Putty.

MATERIALS VINYL POLYSILOXANE: Advantage closed bit impression trays and separating medium.   Mydent or Sultans Impression material, Zhermack's mixing tips, and putty.

SYRINGES:  Mydents crown and bridge mixing tips and t-mix, HP Mixing tips, Temporary Cement Mixing tips, Intra-Oral tips, and universal mixing tips.  Septodont's Racegel Hemostatic Agent Syringes

TRAY ADHESIVES:  Mydents Defend Vinyl Tray Adhesive

TRAY CLEANERS:  The best selling EPR Impression tray cleaner, removes ZOE and alginate from impression trays.

IMPRESSION TRAYS: Bestselling Keystone Impression trays Perf #3, these are the disposable impression trays of choice suited for use with alginate or other impression materials. Dental Planet also carries Keystone Botrays and Ednentulous impression trays. As well as Mydents Anterior, Posterior, Quadrant Impression trays, and Zhermack's Impression trays.


NIVO Bite Trays
6.40 6.40 6.4 USD
3D Dental Intra-Oral Tips, 100ct
22.20 22.20 22.2 USD
3D Dental Disposable Impression Syringes, 50 ct
12.20 12.20 12.200000000000001 USD