Materials- Alginate

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MATERIALS:  Our Top seller in this category is Zhermacks Hydogum 5 Alginate Canister refill, but we also have Zhermacks orthoprint Alginate Canister refill in yellow, or Tropicalign Color change Alginate Canister with storage container and measuring set.J. Morita's Perfectim 30, 90 second Cartridge kits, and single-phase body cartridge kits. Septodents normal or quick set Alginate. 


Zhermack Measuring Sets Hydrogum 5
2.80 2.80 2.8000000000000003 USD
Zhermack Mixing Tips, Blue, 48/bg
53.00 53.00 53.0 USD
Zhermack Hydrogum Refill
13.40 13.40 13.4 USD
Zhermack Hydrogum 5, Monodose
0.80 0.80 0.8 USD