Dental Planet offers a wide variety of Dental Instrument from Paradise Dental, Zirc and more.  For the best prices on Dental Instruments, choose Dental Planet.

Paradise Dental Curettes, scalers(Anterior and Posterior), Quadrant Specifics, color coded for organization.  Sharpeners, Sharpener kits, Restorative Burnishers, pluggers and hatchets, Diagnostic Explorers, Probes, ACE, WHO, UNC. Diagnostic Easyview Probes with markings, pliers, tweezers, grafting tools- elevators, tissue punch, hemingway spoon, orban knife, knifes, and grafting kits.  Scissors, scalpel handles, bone grafting chisel, bone grafting aspirator, bone grafting bone cracker, bone grafting bowl, mallet, bone grafting measuring/mixing bowl, scraper, bone rongeurs, bone grafting bone carriers and pluggers. Impression trays, extracting forceps, luxating instruments,  needle holders, measuring ridge mapping caliper and guides, and measuring and drill guides. Rubberdam Accessories, Flip-top Cassettes and color coded tubes for cassettes. 




Joyfil Composite Instrument
23.20 23.20 23.2 USD
Mega Gracey
20.00 20.00 20.0 USD
PDT Accessories 12 ml Synthetic Oil Pen T030
19.40 19.40 19.400000000000002 USD